WEST BABYLON - Residents near a West Babylon mall want the town to do more to improve the safety of their streets.

Homeowners near Raynor Street and Brookvale Avenue live a few blocks from Great South Bay Shopping Center. They say that because there are no left-turn signals onto Montauk Highway near the mall, shoppers instead use their residential streets.

Cars sometimes blow through stop signs and speed, creating a potentially dangerous situation, according to the residents. While police do ticket drivers, residents say the occasional ticketing isn't enough. Homeowners want extra stop signs and speed bumps installed, for starters.

"There's a lot of kids in this neighborhood," says resident Jeff Citron. "You're coming up doing 50-60 miles an hour, you can lose control easily and just go into somebody's backyard, which has happened."

The Town of West Babylon told News 12 that it has studied traffic patterns in the area and cannot add more stop signs. A town spokesperson says the traffic study will be reopened to determine what, if any, traffic-mitigation signage could be added.