HOLBROOK - Residents in one Holbrook neighborhood say drivers are putting their kids at risk by speeding past their bus stop.

The speed limit on Singingwood Drive is 25 mph, but neighbors tell News 12 that drivers are going faster and putting their kids at risk. Several residents have requested that the town of Islip put a stop sign at one particular intersection.

However, Islip town officials say a stop sign won't work at the location because the road is too curvy. They also insist there have been no speeding-related accidents, and that radar shows traffic hasn't picked up.

Residents say the concern isn't only in regard to school days. Parents say their kids play basketball in driveways on the weekends, and someone could get hurt if a ball rolls out into the street while a driver zips by.

An Islip spokesperson says the town will take another look at radar and traffic data on Singingwood Drive, but says that unless the situation has worsened significantly, a stop sign will not be implemented.