WOODBURY - PSEG Long Island customers will soon receive a letter or an email alerting them to some changes in their electric bills.

The utility says that the new bills won't change much, and that money will just be moved around.  

A law passed last year exempted the power company from paying a certain state tax. According to Newsday, the utility will collect the money for that tax anyway, and use it for what it says will be improvements to the electric system.

The move was described at Thursday's LIPA board meeting more as paperwork changes in the way the bill is calculated, but ultimately coming up with the same total number.

PSEG Long Island says the bottom line is that there will be very little impact on residents' power bills.

"Customers aren't going to see any change, says David Daly, PSEG Long Island president. "They'll see the same bill they would have before this change."

However, utility expert Martin Melkonian says the move raises a question of who should foot the bill to fix the system.  

The utility says the changes are consistent with Gov. Andrew Cuomo's promise of a rate freeze for the next two years.