MEDFORD - Homeowners say dozens of fences along North Ocean Avenue in Medford were knocked down by Suffolk County plow trucks clearing Monday morning’s snowfall.

Some of the damage was captured on surveillance footage, which shows a snowplow clearing snow and ice onto homeowner property.

Victor Cruiz, of Medford, says two snowplows in succession threw the snow so hard it took out more than 250 feet of PVC fence along his property line. He estimated the cost of the damage at nearly $9,000.

Shrubbery planted along the avenue was also destroyed, and some parked cars were also found to be damaged. 

Residents say Suffolk County has sent out inspectors to review the damage.

In a statement, Suffolk County blames the weight of the snow and ice mixture for causing the damage. The county also says that GPS tracking data shows "no plow vehicle exceeded 30 miles per hour."

Homeowners who believe their property was damaged by one of its plows should contact the Department of Public Works.