ISLANDIA - A last-minute meeting called by the Village of Islandia has residents wondering if the Board of Trustees is trying to quietly approve a controversial casino plan.

On its website, the village announced a special public meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held at Village Hall on Friday at 9 a.m.

The village won't say exactly what the meeting is about, leading some residents to wonder if the casino plan for the Islandia Marriott will be voted on.

When News 12 Long Island asked Mayor Allan Dorman what the meeting was about, he said to "speak to the attorney."

The village attorney and spokesperson would only confirm to News 12 the time and location for the meeting.

The vote on the proposed video-style casino inside the Islandia Marriott was supposed to happen last month, but was postponed.

Under the Open Meetings Law, the village is required to post the time and place for the meeting 72 hours in advance, but not the agenda.

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