PLAINVIEW - Some neighbors of a new, multimillion-dollar Sikh temple in Plainview are building up opposition to the ongoing construction.

They say construction crews leveled trees without permission to make room for the temple behind Hope Court. They're asking the town to take a closer look at the legality of the construction and its potential quality-of-life impacts on the community.

They say they have no issue with the Sikh religion or the temple's congregants, but that the construction began without any environmental impact studies. 

There are two homes adjacent to the temple that the Sikhs also own. Neighbors say they fear the homes will be razed to make room for a parking lot, which they oppose.

The initial proposal several years ago included a plan to use a vacant lot across the street for parking, but that fell through.

The Oyster Bay Town Board issued a stop-work order to evaluate the parking issue.

A lawyer for the temple says their office is reviewing the project to determine legal options for resuming construction.