BRENTWOOD - Brentwood residents demanded answers from the Town of Islip during a rally today over the illegal dumping of 32,000 tons of asbestos-laden debris inside a community park.

Assemblyman Philip Ramos called the dumping at Roberto Clemente Park “environmental racism” and believes that Islip town officials had prior knowledge about the hazardous fill.

As News 12 has reported, an outside contractor who was working with a church to spruce up the park’s soccer fields is being blamed for the illegal dumping. Brentwood residents and leaders say criminal charges should be filed.

Islip town officials claim they were unaware of the illegal dumping. Councilman Anthony Senft says the Town Board fired Islip Parks commissioner Joseph Montouri last week. He said Montouri apparently received a report from a park ranger who was concerned about the dumping of fill, but the memo never left the Parks Department.

Senft also says all ties have been cut with Datre of Ronkonkoma, the company whose trucks were allegedly seen by park security cameras dumping debris at the site. He also says an environmental company tested the air in the park and found no asbestos last week.

A forum will be held Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Brentwood Library for residents who have health concerns and questions about legal action.