NEW HYDE PARK - Residents in New Hyde Park told News 12 that they are upset about the noise coming from a nearby gas station they say also operates as a repair shop for big rigs.

According to the website for Lakeville Towing on Lakeville Road, the shop operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Town of North Hempstead says that Lakeview Towing does not have a license to tow. Neighbor John Unger says it has not stopped them.

"When they run the trucks, the walls shake," Unger says. "My wife, she can't sleep. My dog gets upset."

Unger says he has tried to reason with the owners of the shop, but has not been able to get the noise issue resolved.

When News 12 went to the location, the shop workers locked the doors and made rude gestures to reporter Rich Barrabi. They then called the police.

Eventually, a man who was identified by Unger as the shop owner's son spoke with News 12.

"The town has gotten our applications for years, every year on time," he says. "They just failed to respond with a denial or an acceptance."

The shop is allowed to operate at its Lakeville Road location, he says.

News 12 has learned that there is litigation pending against the towing company.

Unger and some of his neighbors are circulating a petition. They plan to present it to the North Hempstead Town Zoning Board next week.