DEER PARK - Residents in a quaint Deer Park community say a street-paving project is out of control.

Breevort Place residents say they wanted their street paved, but were told it would have to be widened first in order to receive money from a state-funded program.

A part of the changes includes cutting into a homeowner's lawn, as well as tearing into their newly paved driveway. Also, the town will have to cut down a tree believed to be more than 100 years old.

The Town of Babylon Department of Public Works commissioner released a statement saying in part, "The roadway on Brevoort Place is in extreme disrepair. All road reconstruction throughout New York State must meet the current state guidelines, which, in this case [that] includes widening the roadway so emergency vehicles have a clear passageway to help residents in need, snow plows can adequately clear the road, etc."

While the homeowners plan on fighting the paving plan, the town says the road also requires structural repairs to help deal with drainage issues, and that the town-owned trees need to be removed to assist with those repairs.