NORTH BABYLON - Some North Babylon residents say the Guggenheim Lakes near their homes are drying up.

Marla Kaplan says the water has dropped by 2 feet this summer and is getting lower by the day.

The lakes have dried up several times over the years, most recently in 2013. Only a mudhole and dying fish were left behind.

In an effort to prevent the lake from drying up again, Kaplan made several calls to local and state officials. Suffolk County Legislator Lou D'Amaro obtained $25,000 from the county to help the cause.

Officials are working on a plan to install a pump that would keep the water flowing. In return, the private lake would have to have public access. Residents told News 12 that they are concerned that public access would mean loitering and vandalism on their properties.

A study into the proposed plan will determine how much the project will cost. Officials are expected to finish the study by the end of the year.