RIVERHEAD - Civic leaders in Riverhead are calling for increased safety measures regarding tanker trucks that travel along their local two-lane roadways.

Neil Krupnick, of the Northville Beach Civic Association, says the trucks are so large that they need to use the oncoming traffic lane just to make a turn.

"They also go extremely fast," said Krupnick. "The speed limit is 45 mph on Sound Avenue and it's not unusual for these trucks to be clocked at 65."

Some of those trucks contain oil from the United Riverhead Terminal.

The Riverhead Town Board says it is considering an 8 ton weight limit on Twomey Avenue. The Northville Beach Civic Association would like to see that consideration spread to all local roads.
Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter says weight limits on every local road is unrealistic, but the town is studying the situation and may designate some truck routes.

The owner of United Riverhead Terminal says there has not been an accident involving his trucks in 50 years.

Riverhead Town Board is holding a public hearing on setting a weight limit for Twomey Avenue on May 20.