DEER PARK - Residents in Deer Park are blaming a neglected home in their community for a rat problem.

Residents along Conklin Street say a woman in her 60s recently left the home after it became infested with rats. They say they have found holes in her yard that the rats use to travel neighboring yards.

The rats have damaged electrical wiring, fences and — according to neighbors — are polluting the air with their droppings.

They say they are fed up with having to pay for exterminators to get rid of the rats on their own property, and are calling on the Town of Babylon to help clean up the source of the infestation.

A town spokesperson told News 12 Long Island that they have notified the accused homeowner, and gave her 48 hours to clean up the unsanitary conditions.

If she does not comply, the spokesperson said the town will clean up the property and send the homeowner the bill.

The homeowner could not be reached by News 12 for a comment.