BETHPAGE - Some Long Island residents are outraged over multiple speeding tickets they have gotten for speeding in school zones.

Doreen Delach says she and her two daughters were issued 11 tickets in one week for violating the speed limit outside Plainedge Middle School in Bethpage. Each ticket has a fine of $80.

The school speed zone cameras can only issue violations during school hours on school days. The trouble is that not everyone knows exactly when that is.  

Delach says their tickets should not count because the violations did not occur during the regular school year.

Nassau County Traffic Safety Coordinator Christopher Mistron disagrees and says the speed limit must be followed all year. Mistron says this includes when summer school is in session.

Since a handful of cameras went live in Nassau County late last month, hundreds of tickets have been issued by mistake. On one Friday in Levittown, more than 200 tickets were erroneously issued.

State law says that the county can place one speed camera per school district. There is already one up outside Plainedge Middle School, but there is also one outside of Schwarting Elementary School, which is in the same district.

Mistron says there can be multiple cameras within a district's borders, as long as they are not turned on at the same time.  

News 12 has learned that there are already cameras in 26 of Nassau's 56 school districts and they will be live once school starts up again in September.