HEMPSTEAD - Some Long Island residents and fair housing advocates are calling on lawmakers to extend and strengthen the state's rent regulation laws, which expire on June 15.

State Assembly Democrats introduced a bill to extend the rent regulation laws by four years and make them more tenant-friendly. The measure would increase the income threshold to $225,000, up from $200,000. The rent threshold would be moved from $3,500, up from $2,500.

The bill would also cap how much a landlord can increase rents on apartments that become vacant at 7.5 percent.

The Assembly's bill would impact residents living in more than 300 rent-controlled buildings on Long Island.

Senate Republicans are expected to fight major changes to the rent regulation laws. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan told News 12 that there is no Senate bill, saying, "This is the subject of ongoing discussions with the governor and Assembly."

A group of Nassau residents will be heading up to Albany next Tuesday to rally for stronger rent regulation laws.