OYSTER BAY - A British news correspondent native to Long Island was killed overnight during a relentless shelling attack in Syria, officials say.Marie Colvin, of East Norwich, had been a foreign correspondent for Britain's Sunday Times for a quarter of a century, putting herself in the middle of every major armed conflict. She was known around the world for focusing on the plight of women and children during times of war.Colvin was one of the first journalists covering the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, where she lost her eye. Just last night, Colvin appeared on CNN's 'Anderson Cooper 360,' reporting from Syria. Her editor wanted to pull her out because of the danger, but Colvin wanted to finish the story.Colvin's mother, Rosemarie, who lives in Oyster Bay, says it's comforting to know that her daughter lived and died doing what she loved. She says she's very proud.A French journalist was also killed, authorities say.