WOODBURY - A report from Nassau County's budget office claims that despite the county spending about $40 million more on contracts in 2014 compared with 2012, some groups didn't see much of that money.

The report says that fewer minority- and women-owned businesses are being hired by the county.

The Nassau County Office of Legislative Budget Review says that over the last several years, the number of county contracts awarded to minority- or women-owned companies has fallen to as low as 8.2 percent in 2013. New York state awards two to three times that number.

Some legislators worry that there could be some serious financial consequences if the county doesn't issue enough contracts to minority- or women-owned businesses.

While Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was attending a Memorial Day ceremony in Bethpage, his spokesperson told News 12 that the report was mistaken and  "not all data was evaluated when determining the total number of minority- and women-owned company contracts."