WOODBURY - A Denver news station reports that there were possible warning signs that the alleged gunman in the Colorado movie theater massacre was disturbed and dangerous. KMGH TV reports that a psychiatrist treating James Holmes thought he was so potentially dangerous that she contacted University of Colorado police about six weeks before the shooting. Holmes had attended the university, but dropped out of his program not long before the mass shooting. Dr. Lynne Fenton requested a background check on Holmes, the news station says. She was reportedly told that Holmes did not have a criminal record, and she did not place him on a 72-hour hold for a mental evaluation. Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a crowded theater last month at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie.Colo. massacre suspect charged with 142 counts, 24 for murderPolice sources: Colo. shooting suspect planned NY massacreColo. massacre suspect reportedly wrote out plans prior to attack