WOODBURY - A new report on air quality gives Suffolk an "F" for ozone pollution.

The news comes from the American Lung Association's 2014 State of the Air report.

Suffolk is one of nine New York counties that received an "F."

Experts say that bad air is a problem across the Island. Ozone smog is the most widespread air pollutant, which is created when sunlight reacts with emissions from vehicles and other sources.

The American Lung Association says part of the poor air quality on Long Island is due to the power plants owned and operated by National Grid. One plant is located in Port Jefferson and another in Northport.

National Grid issued a statement saying in part, “National Grid has invested over $100 million on improvements at Northport and Port Jefferson."

Some good news for Suffolk, though, is that the county received an "A" for particle pollution. This places the county among the cleanest in the state for that category.

Data in Nassau County was inconclusive.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court backed federally imposed limits on smokestack emissions from power plants in the Midwest and Appalachian states that contribute to soot and smog along the East Coast.