WOODBURY - A new report from researchers at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine concludes that many parents still put their babies to sleep in ways linked to sudden infant death syndrome.

Researchers studied the nighttime habits of 160 infants and their parents. The report found that many babies were placed into cribs on their sides, had loose bedding or were put in cribs full of potentially dangerous items.

Doctors on Long Island say babies should have nothing in the crib with them, including stuffed animals, blankets or bumpers around the edge of the crib.

Dr. Carolyn Milana, head of the pediatric division of Stony Brook Children's Hospital, says she makes it the hospital's mission to teach new parents how to avoid SIDS. She adds that rooms should be 68 to 72 degrees to avoid a child becoming overheated.

The study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.