NORTHPORT - Long Island's power plants are being blamed for putting drinking water at risk.

A new Suffolk County Water Authority report shows that power plants on Long Island are some of the largest consumers of fresh water.

Matthew Cordaro, a board member at the Long Island Power Authority, says that millions of gallons of water are being taken from Long Island's sole aquifer - the same source that also provides drinking water.

"There are times when the levels and the quality of the water in the aquifer are of concern," Cordaro says.

The report lists Northport as the power plant in Suffolk County that consumes the highest amount.

In a statement, National Grid told News 12, "Fresh water is critical in the electric generating process." The statement goes on to explain that power plants, like the one located in Northport, are taking steps to reduce the amount of fresh water they use.

The company says it has installed advanced water treatment processes in Northport and at another plant in Island Park.