SMITHTOWN - A Tri-State Transportation Campaign study has named Jericho Turnpike as the “most dangerous roadway” for pedestrians on Long Island and in the downstate region.

According to the Tri-State report, 16 pedestrians have died walking on Jericho or Route 25 in Suffolk County over the past three years, The report says 12 have died on Hempstead Turnpike and nine were killed walking on Sunrise Highway in Suffolk County.

One of the problems cited in the report is the lack of frequent pedestrian crosswalks on Jericho Turnpike, some of which are a half-mile to a mile apart.

The report suggests local and state government make safe routes for school kids, transit passengers and for seniors. It also suggests using available federal transportation money to improve roads.

The state Department of Transportation says it’s reviewing the Tri-State report.