WOODBURY - A new report shows very few convicted drunken drivers are installing court-ordered ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.

According to a report by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, 88 percent of convicted DWI drivers in Nassau County failed to install the device, which prevents a car from being operated if the driver registers as intoxicated. In Suffolk County, 81 percent of convicted drivers didn't install the device.

DWI opponents blame a loophole in the law that allows convicts to say they don't have a car or transfer ownership of their car to a friend of family member so the devices don't have to be installed.

A few years ago, DWI laws were tightened to require offenders to state on the record that they would not drive without an interlock device or risk facing perjury charges.

But advocates say it's not enough. "The law has to be amended and the loophole has to be tightened," said Marge Lee, of Dedicatedd, a nonprofit organization that educates about the dangers of drunken and drugged driving.