WOODBURY - U.S. Rep. Peter King discussed potential Fourth of July terror threats in the wake of recent attacks overseas.

On Friday, a gunman attacked a beach resort in Tunisia, killing 38 people. In Kuwait, an Islamic State group suicide bomber attacked a mosque in its capital, killing 27. And in France, police say a radical beheaded his boss at a U.S.-owned factory.

The attacks have forced U.S. officials to increase security for Independence Day.

"I would say the threat levels now, and the level of concern among law enforcement, is higher than any time since Sept. 11," King says.

According to King, the Islamic State group is calling for worldwide violence during Ramadan, and has been encouraging attacks on U.S. soil this Fourth of July.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have notified local law enforcement about the possible terror threats.

King says although there's no specific threat, he is concerned with the Islamic State group's widespread ability and coordinated efforts to reach its sympathizers through social media.

Officials are urging people to be vigilant and prepared as the Fourth of July draws near.