WOODBURY - Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) is calling on law enforcement officials to stop being "politically correct" and to instead focus their attention on Muslim communities to combat Islamic terrorism in the wake of the Boston bombings.

King, speaking this afternoon with News 12 Long Island, said that the U.S. faces serious threats from potential Islamic terrorists.

"The only way to find out what they're doing and what they might be contemplating is by looking into that community, same as when we went after the mafia in the Italian communities, the Westies went into the Irish communities, we went to Brooklyn for the radical Jewish communities," King said. "That's just reality."

The words of the former chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security were upsetting to some members of the Muslim community here on the Island.

Dr. Hafiz Rehman, who sits on Suffolk County's Anti-Bias Task Force, says the congressman is using buzzwords, and adds that King's "irresponsible blanket statements" are doing more harm than good.