SEAFORD - Former House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Peter King says he believes Edward Snowden is a traitor for releasing sensitive NSA information on how the government monitors electronic communications.

In a news conference last Friday, President Barack Obama said the government plans to review the way the intelligence agency collects information, but when asked, he said he doesn't believe Snowden is a patriot for his actions.

Snowden's father, Lon Snowden, has criticized the president and Rep. King for their comments, and for charging his son with espionage. "He has sacrificed more than either the president of the United States or Peter King have ever in their political careers, or their American lives," Lon Snowden said in an interview with CNN.

Rep. King deflected the remark, saying he sympathizes with Lon Snowden as a father, but disagrees with him on the issue.

There has been much speculation on what, if anything, Snowden could release next. Rep. King says it could be the names of secret operatives around the world, which is why he says Snowden needs to be returned to the U.S. to face a judge.

King was critical of the president for not taking a stronger stand against Russia's decision to grant Snowden temporary asylum, but he did say that President Obama's cancellation of an upcoming meeting with the Russian president was the right move.

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