SEAFORD - British leaders are pledging a tough fight ISIS militants and Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) says ISIS is just as dangerous to America as it is to Britain.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday the country's terror threat level would be raised to severe, the second-highest level. The country raised the threat level due to concerns about violence in the Middle East.

King says while there is no specific threat to America right now, ISIS is still very dangerous. King says the problem is for Americans or Europeans going to places like Syria, becoming radicalized and returning to commit acts of terror at home.

The White House says it is working on a strategy after an apparent gaffe from President Obama suggested there was none. King says the threats are real and Obama should come up with a strategy before it is too late.

King believes raising the threat level in Britain was part of a strategic move ahead of stricter passport legislation being introduced soon.