WESTBURY - Interfaith leaders rallied today in Westbury to protest Rep. Peter King's (R-Seaford) second hearing over the alleged radicalization of America's Muslim community.

The participants of today's rally at the Islamic Center in Westbury accused King of spreading fear and anti-Muslim bias.

In March, King's first hearing in the Homeland Security Committee sparked loud debate and protests. This time, King is focusing on inmates being radicalized behind bars.

Imam Isa Abdul Kareem works at the Nassau County Jail. He admits that any religion can become radicalized behind bars, but says that the problem with Muslims isn't as widespread as King believes it to be.

King, however, defends his hearing, saying that there are many examples of Muslim prisoners being radicalized, among them the "Newburgh 4" - the four ex-convicts who were found guilty of plotting to bomb synagogues and attack an army base.

Tomorrow, King will hear testimony from corrections officials, counterterrorism experts and prosecutors who specialize in what they say is the link between Muslim radicalization and terrorism.

The hearing will begin at around 9:30 a.m. on Capitol Hill.