MASSAPEQUA PARK - U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) says he is torn on which Republican candidate to support for president.

"I would say I'm probably leaning toward Jeb Bush," King says. "I think he has the best potential for the long run, but on the other hand, Donald Trump is showing really amazing strength right now."

King also says that he likes what he has seen of Carly Fiorina and Sen. Marco Rubio, though he is sure that he does not want to see Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul get the GOP nomination.

Dr. Stanley Klein, a political science professor, says King knows the Bush family, so it is no surprise that he might favor Jeb Bush. He also says that King cannot dismiss Trump, who is leading the polls and whose favored issues are identical to those King has taken a stance on, including strong foreign policy, military and a secure border.

Some Massapequa Park residents who spoke with News 12 say that King himself should have thrown his hat into the presidential race.

King expects to make an endorsement sometime this fall. He says his backing will depend on what happens over the next few months.