WOODBURY - Rep. Peter King (R – Seaford) spoke with News 12 Long Island regarding his recent trip with a New York delegation to Israel amid the conflict in the Gaza Strip. 

King described the moments he heard the sirens warning of an impending rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

“It's like 15-20 seconds where your life is suspended,” King says. “It took about 2 seconds to realize that this is for real.”

King says he witnessed Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system in action, intercepting the Hamas-fired rockets before they hit the ground.

The congressman believes the current cease-fire between Israel and Hamas will last, because Hamas has been “severely damaged” through the recent weeks of fighting.

King says the idea of peace in the region sometimes seems like an impossibility, but can be achieved with the help of surrounding countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

King’s group in Israel included former Gov. David Paterson.