NORTH SHIRLEY - A member of the famous Long Island Grucci fireworks family received a plea deal for shooting his grandson, but the victim's father says he is outraged over the outcome.

Joseph Grucci, 70, is out of jail after he admitted to shooting his 20-year-old grandson, Christopher Giresi. Police say he was wounded twice with a 20-gauge shotgun at Grucci's North Bellport home.

Giresi's father, Dominick Giresi, says the deal makes no sense and that District Attorney Thomas Spota is taking the case too lightly. Spota earlier this week said the decision not to impose further jail time on Grucci was made partly by his grandson.

According to Dominick Giresi, his son has been in and out of consciousness and is in no condition to make decisions involving the case.

Christopher Giresi is still recovering at Brookhaven Medical Hospital and likely faces months of rehab at another facility.

Grucci faces formal sentencing in Riverhead next Friday.

Police: Member of Grucci fireworks family man shot grandson