WOODBURY - The gunman who killed 49 people inside a gay nightclub in Orlando was born in New Hyde Park and lived in Westbury during the first few years of his life, according to public records.

Omar Mateen grew up in a quaint colonial-style home on Land Lane in Westbury. One neighbor, Mary Joe Spota, says that she remembers the family. She says her older sister would chat with Mateen's parents.

"The father was very nice," says Spota, who added that she didn't have many interactions with his mother.

According to public records, Omar changed his name from Omar Seddique to Omar Mateen 10 years ago. On the request form, he said he was born in 1986 in New Hyde Park, though he mistakenly put Queens as the county.

Across the street from the Westbury home is Bowling Green Elementary, where Omar went to school as a child.

Neighbors believe Omar's family moved to Florida in the early to mid-90s. They say the home has changed hands at least one or two times since the family left.