SELDEN - Members of the community gathered in Selden Sunday to show their support for police.

The support rally was held outside of Suffolk's 6th Precinct. It was organized by Mount Sinai resident Lauren Michaels.

"There's a lot of hate toward police officers. I'm not saying things are right or wrong, but we just want to stand here and thank them," she says.

Participants say they got honks of support from passing drivers.

Commanding Officer William Murphy was moved by how the community has embraced their police department. "We work so hard to build and maintain a relationship with our community, and to see the support of these people showing their appreciation for the work that we do, it's special," he says.

Gordon Heights Civic Association President James Freeman says his community works closely with the 6th Precinct to open the lines of communication. He says it's especially crucial with with all the recent police-involved shootings around the country.

"We have to teach our kids that when you're stopped by an officer, a lot of times that officer is thinking about how he's going to get home to his family, the same way they're trying to get to where they're going," Freeman says.