LONG BEACH - Demonstrators rallied against a project that would bring a liquefied natural gas terminal off Long Island's South Shore.

The Port Ambrose project would build an LNG terminal just off Long Beach. It would be located about 19 miles south of Long Beach and about 28 miles east of New Jersey in the Atlantic Ocean.

Supporters of the project say the terminal would be safe and would help reduce gas costs for heating and electric generation in the region.

Environmentalists and business owners rallied against the project Tuesday, citing concerns about its environmental impact, its effect on the seasonal beach economy and terrorism.

A total of 60 businesses on the South Shore oppose the project, saying that it could negatively affect the city's beach tourism.

Liberty Natural Gas CEO J. Roger Whelan says an environmental impact statement from federal authorities stated that the plan is "sound." He added that, "Port Ambrose is a safe and environmentally responsible project with minimal impacts."

Recreational Fishing Association president Jim Donofrio told News 12 Long Island that he supports the project.

"The benefits outweigh anything I see. There is nothing out there that's going to hurt us," Donofrio told News 12 Long Island.

Final approval is in the hands of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Recently, Gov. Cuomo told reporters he hasn't made a decision yet.

"There are obvious questions that would have to be answered before I knew New York would approve it," says Cuomo.

Public hearings on the Port Ambrose project will be held on Nov. 2 and 3 in Long Beach.