WOODBURY - An anti-gay note allegedly sent by a Baldwin mother in response to a birthday party invite from two gay dads was a hoax carried out by two local radio DJs.

The hosts of the 98.3 KJOY Morning Show admitted that the story was "totally fictitious" and that they fabricated it to "spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic."

An apology was posted on the radio station's website. The statement said that the hoax was perpetrated without the knowledge of the station's management.

The fabricated RSVP was first posted to the radio station's Facebook page on Wednesday, outraging Long Islanders and people across the country. The photo of the party invite had been scrawled with a response supposedly from a homophobic mother that included statements such as, "I will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle.'"

David Kilmnick, chief executive officer of the Long Island GLBT Network, said in a statement, "It is unfortunate that these Long Island morning DJs played with what is a very serious situation for many families and young children." He added that the radio hosts should lose their jobs.

The radio station's management issued a statement saying it has a responsibility to its listeners to be accurate, and is looking at "all courses of action."