WEST SAYVILLE - Incumbent Town Supervisor Phil Nolan (D-Islip) says he's earned another four years at the helm of Suffolk's second-largest town, but Republican challenger Tom Croci says it's time for a change.

"People are overwhelmingly frustrated with how government has failed them at every level, from Town Hall to Washington," he says.

Nolan disagrees, saying that since he's taken office, his government has generated 2,000 new jobs. In addition, he says Islip has the lowest town taxes on Long Island and the highest bond rating.

"We brought in the biggest food distribution company in the world, SYSCO," he says.

Croci, however, says Nolan's record isn't so rosy if you take a closer look.

"We've lost 300 positions in our town, but our payroll has not decreased," he says.

There's more than just the supervisor's job at stake in Islip. Currently, Democrats have a 3-2 edge over Republicans on the town board, but all three of those Democrats are up for re-election.