WEST HEMPSTEAD - Nassau County residents are concerned that officials have yet to reschedule a planned aerial mosquito spraying that had been canceled two days ago due to unspecified "security concerns."

Today, a spokesperson at the Nassau County Health Department told News 12 Long Island that the spraying had been postponed because there was rain in the forecast.

However, West Hempstead resident Tom Mauceri says that is not the reason a county worker gave him when he came to inspect his mosquito-filled neighborhood this afternoon.

"He said because of the proximity to Sept. 11, he felt that people may be concerned," Mauceri says.

Legislator Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) says she hasn't been able to get a straight answer either. She says if the spraying doesn't have to be done, the health department should announce that.

As of now, it remains unknown when or if the aerial spraying will take place.