FRANKLIN SQUARE - Investigators say a man abducted his ex-girlfriend and threatened her with a hammer over the weekend, but the woman managed to escape and help police arrest him.

Police say 24-year-old Quandall Cooper was upset about not receiving a Valentine's Day gift from his ex-girlfriend, who is not being named. According to investigators, the incident started with an argument at a Laundromat, and then escalated when Cooper punched the woman and threatened her with a hammer.

Police say Cooper forced the victim to drive him to Queens in her car, and then to the Roosevelt Field Mall, where she managed to escape.

Several days later, investigators say that Cooper returned to his ex-girlfriend's home, but she had been fitted with an electronic alerting device by police. The device allowed instantaneous police response when the victim notified the authorities that Cooper was banging on her front door at 12 a.m.

Cooper was arraigned in First District Court in Hempstead today. He's charged with robbery, assault and unlawful imprisonment.