SMITHTOWN - A third-grade girl in Smithtown hit a home run in an essay contest, and to celebrate her success, her school got a visit that was nothing to quack at.

Yashmita Logaraj won the third annual "Take A Duck To Class Essay" contest. The 8-year-old from Pines Elementary School wrote about the love she has for her community.

"Do you know why I love my community? Because it keeps me safe, healthy and entertained," Logaraj's essay reads. "Everyone plays an important role."

She was one of just four winners on Long Island. To celebrate her success, Long Island Ducks mascot Quacker Jack showed up at her school, and the crowd went wild.

To make the day even more memorable, Logaraj's class got to play a game of wiffle ball with Ducks manager Kevin Baez and Quacker Jack.