CEDARHURST - A family is heartbroken after a Cedarhurst pet shop admitted to losing their 3-year-old Shih Tzu that was brought in to be groomed.

Jose Echeverria left his dog, named Sparky, at Purrfect Pets two days ago to be groomed. When he and his wife returned, they were told Sparky went missing after he had been brought elsewhere to be groomed. Echeverria says they were never told Sparky would be taken somewhere else to be groomed.

Purrfect Pets owner Victor Robinson tells News 12 Long Island that his shop is under construction and he sent Sparky to his second location in Far Rockaway to be groomed. Robinson says Sparky ran off when they were preparing to transport him back to the Cedarhurst location.

Robinson admits it's the company's fault they lost Sparky and has offered to replace the dog, but Echeverria says that is not good enough.

"I don't want another dog," says Echeverria. "This isn't like fast food where you ask for a burger without onions and they give you one with onions and you just return it and get another one."

Echeverria has contacted his attorney and says he hopes Sparky is found before he decides to file a lawsuit.