LONG BEACH - A man was thankful to be reunited with his dog after a terrifying ordeal in Reynolds Channel earlier this week.

Police say the Nassau Marine Bureau unit responded to the scene after a 21-foot boat capsized near the Meadowbrook 3 Bridge Tuesday afternoon.

Two men who were aboard the boat were safely pulled from the water, but a 14-month-old puppy named Amirror was missing.

"All I remember was worrying about where the dog was and if she was OK and just hoping I get to spend another day with her," says the dog's owner, Copiague resident Joe Aveni.

The dog had become trapped underneath the boat. It survived under there for 45 minutes thanks to an air pocket.

"It was awesome," says Aveni. "When the boat flipped over and I got to see her again and I got to hold her -- I never thought that would happen again."

All of the boat's passengers, including Amirror, were OK.

Three Nassau police officers involved in the rescue were honored for their service.

Amirror was saved from an abusive situation and adopted from a shelter. Her owner says she's like a cat with nine lives.