OLD WESTBURY - Some residents are calling the 32-foot high statue on the property of an Old Westbury estate “an eyesore.”

The statue, titled “The Virgin Mother,” once stood in Manhattan and can be found at the Conger Goodyear House. The statue shows a half-naked pregnant woman with the fetus exposed. 

Mayor Fred Carillo called the statue “magnificent,” but out of place. Carillo says there is a 25-foot limit on buildings. The village is now implementing a law that would cap structures as well, in response to the recent uproar.

Real Estate mogul and statue owner Aby Rosen says he had the piece shipped to Long Island from Manhattan. He is working with the village to find a solution. He's since covered the statue until the village planning board meets next month to decide the statue's fate.

A public hearing about the statue's fate is set for May 19. 

Rosen's attorney told News 12 that he had no comment on the matter.