HAUPPAUGE - Protesters rallied in Hauppauge Friday, demanding that state senators from Long Island help curb the rise of so-called zombie homes.

Holding signs, about a dozen people protested outside a state office building. Mimi Pierre Johnson, of New York Communities for Change, said lawmakers must help communities remain viable, and she called on banks that own the abandoned homes to do more.

Johnson and other protesters said they want state lawmakers to support a bill that is backed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. That legislation would force banks to spend more to maintain zombie properties and help financially stressed homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Some lawmakers say the bill might not tackle all the issues.

State Sen. Phil Boyle says Schneiderman's bill doesn't do enough to speed up the foreclosure process, which can now take years. Boyle says he hopes to get zombie home legislation passed in the next five weeks before the end of the current session in Albany.