GARDEN CITY - Activists took to the streets of Garden City today, marching in front of major banks and posting eviction notices in response to foreclosures.

"Our kids and our grandkids are buried with underwater mortgages, federal debt," says Phil Heckler, of Hicksville.

According to a new report from RealtyTrac, fewer homes were foreclosed on last month, but experts say it could be just a temporary reprieve because a lot of banks don't serve foreclosures during the holidays.

In Nassau, foreclosures were down 12.6 percent last month, while in Suffolk, foreclosures plummeted 30.5 percent in November compared to the month before.

Compared to last year, foreclosures dropped 3.4 percent in Nassau and a staggering 82.4 percent in Suffolk. However, some Long Islanders are still angry at big banks.

Wells Fargo and Citibank both responded to today's Garden City protest, saying that they recognize the struggles people are going through, and they are committed to working with homeowners.