LONG BEACH - A rally was held in Long Beach today against a plan to put underwater natural gas terminals off Long Island’s coast.

The Port Ambrose Project is a proposed construction plan that would include two underwater natural gas terminals in the Atlantic Ocean. Under the plan, the terminals would be built less than 19 miles south of Jones Beach.

Protesters say the process of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, would have a negative effect on the surrounding environment. Organizers are calling the protest part of a "global frackdown."

Liberty Natural Gas says the facility would stabilize energy prices in the region, provide jobs and would not increase the demand for fracking because it would be an import-only facility.

Environmentalists remain wary of the Liberty’s proposal, saying that the facility could cause a huge disaster if hit by a major storm.

The U.S. Maritime Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard are currently conducting an environmental review of the Port Ambrose proposal.