ISLIP - Some Islip residents are fighting back against a plan to build a fast food restaurant near a school.

Residents started a petition over the weekend that has grown to over 100 signatures in opposition to the building of a Wendy's near Islip Middle School.

Neighbors say the area is already too congested. There are also concerns about noise because the proposed location would be next to a funeral home.

Developer Jim Nazzaro says the restaurant will not substantially increase traffic and that he's submitted his study to the town's traffic consultant.

Nazzaro says he's trying to respond to concerns by adding high fences and 10-foot shrubs around the entire property.   

A Wendy's spokesperson told News 12, "Our plans are to build an attractive, contemporary Wendy's with comfortable seating, a fireplace and other amenities that create a welcoming environment."

The public will get a chance to voice its opinion on the Wendy's location at Islip's planning board meeting on April 9.