BAY SHORE - Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced legislation Friday to "modernize" New York's 80-year-old liquor laws in order to ease restrictions for businesses that sell alcohol.

Current laws ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays until after 12 p.m., but the proposal would allow some businesses to serve alcohol on Sunday mornings. The governor also wants to allow the sale of alcohol closer to schools and churches; a 200-foot restriction would replace the 500-foot restriction on the books now.

The governor says the changes to New York's blue laws will help attract new businesses and create hundreds of jobs across the state.

Some business owners are supportive, saying that being able to open earlier on Sundays and sell alcohol would help increase sales. But some residents expressed concerns about the impact.

"It's very careless and irresponsible," said Nancy Bracht, of Holbrook. "There's no need to fix something that's not broken."

The bill now goes to the state Legislature for a vote. If the proposed changes are passed, businesses would still need a special state permit to enact them.