HEMPSTEAD - Principal Reginald Stroughn says there are still issues with grading at Hempstead High School, but he claims the school board will not let him fix the problem.

A New York Department of Education audit found that Hempstead school officials improperly rounded up grades for failing students last year. After the scandal, Stroughn was hired as principal. He says in January, he found that 2,300 students were missing quarterly grades. He claims the school superintendent removed him after he informed her of the missing grades.

In a statement, the district says, "The Superintendent saw that Mr. Stroughn was not up to the task and intervened to avoid the potential mishandling of the situation, since the District is under scrutiny."

Stroughn says he is concerned because approximately 60 seniors are in danger of missing graduation because they have missing grades. The district says it is not aware of any students who are at risk of not graduating because of grading problems.

The school district says Stroughn's contract runs out at the end of the month. He claims he is being forced out.