GLEN COVE - Prime parking spots at the LIRR station in Glen Cove are no longer first-come, first-served.

Only Glen Cove residents can now park in the city-owned north lots at the station. The south lots can be used by anyone. Mayor Reginald Spinello says residents needed to be given priority.

The new regulations took effect on Jan. 1, but police aren't giving out tickets just yet. Commuters who park in the wrong lots will be given warnings for about two weeks. Fines of $250 will be doled out after that grace period.

Some riders were unfamiliar with the new regulations on Monday. One rider told News 12 that there's a lack of signage, which could catch riders off-guard.

Mayor Spinello says if the new plan does not relieve the lot’s notorious parking problems, the City Council will consider issuing parking permits.