HUNTINGTON - The annual gay pride parade in Huntington was put on hiatus this year, but the LGBT community still celebrated at the 26th annual PrideFest in Heckscher Park.

Organizers say the parade was canceled because there weren't enough onlookers to justify diverting staff to the parade route, instead of the park. Erin Furrey, of the Long Island LGBTQA Visibility Coalition, says it sends a bad message.

"This is not the time to go in the closet, this is [the time] to march down Main Street," says Furrey.

David Kilmnick, the CEO of the LGBT Network, says the parade will return next year when the festival relocates to Long Beach.

In response to the parade's cancellation, the Long Island LGBTQA Visibility Coalition has organized a "March for Visability." It will take place Sunday in Sayville.

The festival featured a headlining performance by 10,000 Maniacs.