CALVERTON - An East End animal rescue group that was shut down last week is fighting to be allowed to continue to care for dogs.

As News 12 reported, the state attorney general shut down Precious Pups in Calverton after some customers complained they had to pay thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat sick dogs they had adopted from the facility. In some cases, the dogs died days or weeks after adoption.

The attorney representing Precious Pups says he's pleased the facility will be able to take in a new arrival of puppies due on Wednesday, even though the facility will stay temporarily shut down.

"According to the attorney general, there have been 20 complaints. I'm not sure if that's 20 people complaining or the same people with several complaints, but 20 complaints is a fraction of the 1,000 dogs that have been adopted out to-date," said attorney Alan Sash.

Dr. Russ Star, who evaluated 171 dogs at the facility, says he disagrees with the allegations against Precious Pups. “There has been some illness, but nothing above the expected amount,” Star told News 12.

Precious Pups will be in court on Wednesday when the judge will decide which state monitor will be at the facility when the new shipment of dogs arrives. News 12 was told that about 30 dogs will be arriving from Texas and South Carolina.

Precious Pups says the dogs would be euthanized if they could not come to the facility.

In a statement, the New York State Attorney General’s Office said, “"Our investigation into Precious Pups is ongoing, and we have no tolerance for anyone who sells dangerously sick animals to the unsuspecting public."